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Presscrete - Building Company Surbiton, Surrey

Presscrete have been providing a variety of building work throughout Surbiton, Surrey for over 37 years, and have completed hundreds of jobs throughout the area. Whether you are looking for a refurbishment, extension or an entirely new build, Presscrete has you covered.

Property Extensions Surbiton Surrey

House Extensions in Surbiton, Surrey

At Presscrete in Surbiton, Surrey we can complete any kind of house extension, whether you want a single story or a multi storey extension, a garage extension or a loft conversion, we have the experience and the knowledge to complete any building work that you require.

When planning for a house extension there are a few things to consider, such as: how much space is available on your property?; will you require any electrical or plumbing work to be completed in the extension?; and what sort of foundation will the extension be built on, and will this require any levelling work? At Presscrete, we can be with you every step of the way to offer professional advice on how best to move forward with your house extension.

Loft Conversion in Surbiton, Surrey

Do you have a large loft space that is hardly being used? More and more people are reinventing their homes through loft conversions. Lofts often take up a lot of space in your property, yet are used primarily as storage spaces - which is a huge waste. By converting your loft into a bedroom or living area, not only are you utilising previously unused space, but you are also increasing the value of your property.

Here at Presscrete in Surbiton, Surrey we take great pride in the services that we provide for our clients. We can provide expert advice on how best to make the most of the space available, and then convert your loft into a little oasis at the top of your home.

New Builds in Surbiton, Surrey

Here at Presscrete in Surbiton, Surrey we can perform any kind of building work. From structural adjustments to full extension builds, Presscrete have the experience and the expertise to help you to build your dream home. We can also build you a new home from scratch. When it comes to any building work it is vital that the correct planning is in place beforehand in order to make sure that any variables that may affect the building process are ironed out before any work begins. This can be a combination of: the space available adjacent to your property; how level the ground is where the property is being built; and where any plumbing or electrical wiring currently is, or will need to be once the building work is completed. At Presscrete in Surbiton, Surrey, we can do all of this to a highly professional standard, in a timely fashion.

If you are in need of any building work to be completed, from extensions to new builds, then please give Presscrete in Surbiton, Surrey a call on 07889362670 or 02083902767, or send us a message through our contact page.

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